ALTOSA has two distillation plants in Tomelloso; the first one is dedicated to the distillation of wines for its transformation into high quality spirits and distillates. It is equipped with three modern distillation columns for a total production of 60,000 liters / hour and also has seven copper alembics with a capacity of 2,500 liters where holandas (wine spirits) of double distillation and direct distillation are made from the best wines without SO2 and selected by our technical team.

Our second plant is mainly dedicated to the oak aging of our brandys and distillates. For this purpose we have the largest underground caves where the conditions of humidity and temperature are exceptional throughout the year.


ALTOSA requires a large amount of wine for the production of its products, that is, approximately 20,000 hectares of vineyard, which is equivalent to about 3.5% of the total production of Castilla-La Mancha. This region is the biggest vine producing area dedicated to the Viticulture in the world with a production of 2,000 million liters a year.

This way ALTOSA achieve to produce between 12% and 15% of the national distillation.


Tomelloso is located on a solid or rough rock layer that allows the construction of caves without any artificial support. This allowed each farmer to make his own wine in small wineries   underground.

Nowadays few caves have survived, that is why ALTOSA has wanted to recover the oldest form of construction introducing the best techniques of excavation, and as a result they excavated problably the biggest underground cellars in the world, dedicated exclusively for the aging of our brandys Distillates. These caves have become a cultural attraction of unquestionable value and a delight for tourists.


Today, ALTOSA has 2 distilleries in Tomelloso, with a production of 75,000 liters of spirits and spirits per day by means of 7 copper alembics and 4 columns.

Thus, ALTOSA is leading its sector and not too far in the International Ranking.