Quality is
the priority

  • Aged Brandys
  • Wine spirits and spirits

The highest quality standard is the only priority and a permanent challenge for the highly qualified staff of ALTOSA not to mention the requirements of Spanish regulations on quality matters, which is among the most demanding in Europe.

A very strict selection of young wines and a permanent care is carried out at all levels of the production to guarantee an exceptional quality of alcohol and Brandys.

Distillation in alembic: a tradition

Wine spirits constitute the fundamental basis in the elaboration of gran reserva brandies. They can be made by single or double distillation.

In order to obtain the best quality in these spirits, authentic copper alembics are still in use as a true relic of the past and have a capacity of 25 hectoliters.

ALTOSA is one of the few distilleries that can still offer this exceptional product, whose graduation varies between 65% and 74% vol.

Column distillation

Column distillation

The columns and methods of distillation of ALTOSA allow the elaboration of the following alcohols of wine:

  • Spirits with a graduation between 74% and 86% vol.
  • Distilled alcohols between 94% and 95,5% vol.
  • Rectified alcohols of 96,5% vol.